Marla Zipin, PhD

Coaching and Consulting

Marla Zipin is founder of Zipin Coaching Services, which is dedicated to offering the highest quality coaching and consulting services to individuals and teams at all levels of organizations in the areas of leadership development, peak performance, emotional intelligence, resilience and creativity. She offers executive and leadership coaching and also facilitates executive teams to design and establish inspiring visions, create aligned goals, and work together effectively to produce desired results.

Marla is certified as a coach by the Newfield Network. Marla’s commitment to ongoing professional development has included the study of systems theory with Dr. Murray Bowen, creator of Bowen Systems Theory and Bert Hellinger, originator of Constellations work for organizations; ontology with Julio Olalla; and positive psychology with Dr. Martin Seligman, Dr. Chris Peterson, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi as a member of the vanguard class of Authentic Happiness coaching. She holds a doctorate and masters in psychology.

Marla coaches with personnel from a wide range of grade levels in the federal government in such agencies as, Department of Agriculture, PBGC, NIH and US Homeland Security. She also provides coaching to individuals and teams and offers consultation at the International Finance Corporation, a collegiate athletic league, technology companies, and owners of small businesses. She utilizes feedback from various assessments in her work, including “360” inventories and interviews, MBTI and VIA Signature Strength Inventory, to help coachees crystallize their visions, unearth core values/principles, identify stretch goals, and learn to work effectively, produce remarkable results and live lives of lasting fulfillment.

As a leadership development coach for the award winning Leadership Alchemy Program at NASA and for a bank chain in Arizona and New Mexico, Marla coached individuals and teams to develop and utilize emotional intelligence, leadership presence, appreciative inquiry, action learning, visioning and goal setting.

Marla facilitates executive teams and work groups to learn synergy, accountability, and effective implementation, so that participants move from start ups to preeminent providers of products and services in their fields.

Marla developed, designed and executed training programs for cultivating resilience, creativity, flow and work satisfaction for NASA and professional groups. She developed a program to build trust and enhance effectiveness for a private business with a varied professional staff. Additionally, she created and directed a program to reduce stress throughout a culturally and racially diverse organization of over 1000 employees. Along with a team of coaches, healers and artists, Marla birthed, crafted and facilitated women’s retreats on personal transformation in Mexico.

Marla resides in Silver Spring, Maryland with her husband of 27 years with whom she has raised a 21 year old son and 19 year old daughter. She expresses her passion for creativity through storytelling, painting and movement and stays grounded and expansive by practicing meditation and yoga.

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Professional Experience

1998-present Zipin Coaching Services Silver Spring, MD
Founder and Coach for government, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, individuals

2009-present PBGC Washington, DC
Leadership coach

2009-present NIAID-NIH Washington, DC
Leadership & Executive coach

2007-present US Department of Agriculture Washington, DC
Executive coach

2008-present International Finance Corporation Washington, DC
Executive coach

2008-2009 Integrity One Partners Reston, VA
Executive coach

2002-2010 MarsLabs Laurel, MD
Executive and team coach

2001-2009 Quatrefoil Associates, Inc. Laurel, MD
Executive and team coach, workshop leader, facilitation and strategic planning

2007-2009 T. Rowe Price Baltimore, MD
Executive coach

2007 First Community Bank New Mexico, Arizona
Leadership coach

2006 US Homeland Security Rosyln, VA
Executive coach

2003-2006 NASA Goddard Greenbelt, MD
Leadership and team coach for the award winning Leadership Alchemy Program

2000-2001 Remarkable Women Retreat Yucatan, Mexico
Co-creator, workshop facilitator, and storyteller

1988-1989 BWI Airport Baltimore, MD
Facilitator & trainer of leadership change program &, executive coach

1984-1987 Fairfax Co. Fire & Rescue Dept. Fairfax Co., VA
Designer and director of employee assistance program

1985-present Private Practice DC Metro Area
Consultant and psychotherapist

1982-1984 Prince William County Manassas, VA
Consultant and trainer for local businesses and county agencies


My Services

Marla consults with businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, schools, governments, bar associations and other groups. She works with individuals, couples and families to heal conflicts and mediate disputes. To learn more about how Marla can assist you, please click here to email me.